The notch settings are at least an aesthetic thing


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canadian goose jacket As Mashable’s Product Analyst, I test and review gadgets for a living. I test Apple devices, Android devices, Microsoft devices all kinds of stuff. I also own many devices made by different companies. The notch settings are at least an aesthetic thing, whereas the most essential function of my “essential phone” is useless half the time, and the other half is outperformed by my last phone which was literally the cheapest unused android i could buy. Before i bought the phone i had the impression that essential was close to its customers and took their concerns seriously, right? but i complained multiple times, given them the benefit of the doubt and asked for instructions, assuming maybe i misconfigured something or got the wrong SIM card, i asked for RMA, etc. Can return the phone now as i bought it from amazon, and for the same reason i can trade it in with AT so basically my only option is to sell it used, and dupe some other poor soul into subjecting him or herself to the same infuriating signal drops that have driven me to the point of writing this ridiculous rant online canadian goose jacket.