Also about r/INTJ being pretenious and people calling MBTI


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cheap canada goose uk I hate to say this, but I pretty canada goose expedition parka uk sale sure the people sending you hate mail because you bothered to work out the math here are the same ones who yelled at me to get the hell off their lawns canada goose coats on sale when I was 2 feet off the curb on a road without sidewalks trying to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic.Sure there are some people here who are very immature and seeking to understand themselves, so they take being an INTJ like it makes them gods.If you actually spend an canada goose uk reviews extended time period here, the vast majority of posts are asking for advice about life things.Many, many of them are relationship related but canada goose trousers uk some are genuinely thoughtful questions where the subreddit tries to give logical solutions.Sure, maybe we have a higher than average “Hello my fellow brilliant people” comment margin canada goose outlet new york city but I see those posts way less often than othersLOL Actually it quite the opposite.Many of the posts here are about depression, being clueless in canada goose outlet seattle relationship and wanting advice, trying to solve canada goose uk head office socializing problems related to a rational introvert. Etc.And honestly, the masses actually are stupid. Wanna know how r/AskReddit works? You post something first, 10 people upvote it, then the next 1000 are gonna see cheap canada goose the upvotes first then read already convinced that what they reading canada goose outlet legit is great, they will laugh and upvote and Voila! 1000 upvotes.Also about r/INTJ being pretenious and people calling MBTI dumbshit text. cheap canada goose uk

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