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Definitely one of the more memorable experiences of that place

„Dr. Vazquez is no longer on the medical staff of Wellington Regional,” the statement read. „Wellington Regional took all necessary and appropriate steps to review the circumstances of this most unfortunate incident. Rather than a conventional romantic comedy The Other Woman is a post Bridesmaids girl on girl bromance (’sis mance’?). There’s not much plot, […]

„Dr. Vazquez is no longer on the medical staff of Wellington Regional,” the statement read. „Wellington Regional took all necessary and appropriate steps to review the circumstances of this most unfortunate incident. Rather than a conventional romantic comedy The Other Woman is a post Bridesmaids girl on girl bromance (’sis mance’?). There’s not much plot, so director Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, My Sister’s Keeper) fills out the action with improvised huffing and puffing from his leads. Alas, this merely gives Mann license to over act (a segment in which she breaks down in Carly’s office starts to feel never ending) with the result that Diaz, though twinkling and feisty, comes across as a bystander in her own movie..

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