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The Ohio state capital is home to BrewDog Doghouse

For anyone who has suffered through the impenetrable rhetoric of Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble in a college course and come out on the other side convinced of her theory’s potential, the „Drag Race” phenomenon represented a moment of hope, if not an outright cause for celebration. I, like many fellow fans, desperately wanted RuPaul to […]

For anyone who has suffered through the impenetrable rhetoric of Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble in a college course and come out on the other side convinced of her theory’s potential, the „Drag Race” phenomenon represented a moment of hope, if not an outright cause for celebration. I, like many fellow fans, desperately wanted RuPaul to be a champion for queer justice. However naively, I hoped the show would fuck with the scripts handed down to us by a patriarchal culture and usher in a new era of representation, free from the misogynist baggage so rampant in other TV shows..

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Most states offer free help for seniors, and the IRS even has a free file program for seniors. As well, the IRS offers free filing help for those who earn $54,000 or less, or have disabilities or problems speaking English. For a small fee, they’ll even import last year’s return for comparison..

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They shot at people they happened to encounter a postal worker, a police officer, a train conductor. At least four men with dementia who brandished guns were fatally shot by police. In cases where charges were brought, many assailants were deemed incompetent to stand trial..

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