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Astrology is an important facet in the lives of all people. It has been noticed that people always look into the horoscopes and find if there is any bad time coming ahead for the person. They also seek to check the horoscopes when they have to do matchmaking. Gender roles in queer relationships have always […]

Astrology is an important facet in the lives of all people. It has been noticed that people always look into the horoscopes and find if there is any bad time coming ahead for the person. They also seek to check the horoscopes when they have to do matchmaking.

Gender roles in queer relationships have always been based on doing what works instead of broken tradition, both partners keep their ear on the ground and do what makes sense because they are still feeling it out, there is no beaten path. Queer by definition means „off the beaten path”. Obviously not every relationship is perfect but at least in a queer relationship it not caused by stale gender roles..

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