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Juan Ayala, who was filming the incident, said he decided to

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cheap canada goose uk One person threatened to call the police.The video shows Lushchinskaya striking the woman several times with her umbrella and her keys and again kicking her.”She’s not even fighting you back,” one person is heard saying.At least two subway riders tried to wrestle the umbrella away.Lushchinskaya is seen spitting in the direction of the canada goose outlet store near me victim before yelling more profanity and a racial slur.Juan Ayala, who was filming the incident, said he decided to intervene, but Lushchinskaya lashed out at him. A video posted canada goose expedition parka uk by another user shows Ayala talking to Lushchinskaya.”Do not spit at me,” Ayala says in the video, to which Lushchinskaya replies, „What are you, her attorney? Fing Mohammed.”The subway car erupts in a gasp and Ayala gives his reply: „What? B, I’m Dominican!”Fellow subway riders protested. „Your white privilege ain’t working over here,” one man is heard saying.The victim told WABC she felt lucky the woman didn’t have a weapon like a gun or a knife „because it could have got a lot worse.””I’m lucky that people were on the train who were helping me, especially the first Asian guy who stood in front of me right away because he wasn’t recording. cheap canada goose uk

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canada goose THE BLOGYou Deserve It AllMy life isn’t perfect. My man and I are far from graceful inside our love. My business has a lot of room to grow and align. Chaos, Then Cleanup in Baltimore After Freddie Gray FuneralNational Guard Activated To Calm Tensions In Baltimore In Wake Of Riots After Death Of Freddie GrayBALTIMORE, MD APRIL 28: A man plays the drums during a protest near the CVS pharmacy that burned to the ground yesterday during rioting after the funeral of Freddie Gray, on April 28, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Gray, 25, was arrested for possessing a switch blade knife April 12 outside the Gilmor Houses housing project on Baltimore’s west side. According to his attorney, Gray died a week later in the hospital from a severe spinal cord injury he received canada goose outlet in vancouver while in police custody canada goose.