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Yahoo! calender also allows more options for customizing the

„The shock of increase in insurance cost of two wheelers is now behind us. In West Bengal, there was some impact due to restrictions on sales to those without a valid driving licence. There has been some reprieve until mid November in the state. But, if your partner behaviour doesn change even post this, then […]

„The shock of increase in insurance cost of two wheelers is now behind us. In West Bengal, there was some impact due to restrictions on sales to those without a valid driving licence. There has been some reprieve until mid November in the state. But, if your partner behaviour doesn change even post this, then it a red flag indicating reduced interest in the relationship. You are destroying your relationship because of your addiction to your smartphone, the onus lies on you to save it. Psychiatrist Nazeen Ladak, says, should ask oneself as to what is important, the smartphone or your partner.

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